Mental Health Monsters

Tattoo Ticket

Tattoo Ticket

If you have or are planning to get my work tattooed, then this tattoo ticket is an opportunity to support my work and to have my consent to use my designs as a tattoo. This ticket purchase is the only form of permission I give.

All mental illness research, designing & creating, website building, marketing etc is done by myself. By purchasing this ticket, you are supporting my work and crediting the artist for the time spent creating.

This listing is not a physical product and does not require shipping. Your purchase confirmation for this ticket is valid as my consent to having my artwork tattooed on you.

Please send me pictures via Instagram (mental_health_monsters) when you get them done, I would love to see the finished pieces.

After purchase, I will send you a digital information card with the monster, and the reasoning behind the design.

I do not physically do any tattooing.

This is not a listing for a custom design/commission.