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Gambling Addiction Monster

Gambling is taking risky action in hope of a desired result.

Gambling requires three parts. 1.) Something of value (referred to as the “stakes”). 2.) An event to take place with an uncertain outcome. 3.) Gaining or losing something of value.
These three parts are symbolised with the monster surrounded by different wagers of value (money and poker chips- either gained or lost after the event has taken place). The ‘event’ in this illustration is represented by the dice and cards.

The monster himself is green, the trademark colour of casinos in general. Green also represents the colour of money, as well as poker, roulette and craps tables. Green pockets of zero and double zero are the only pockets not coloured red or black in roulette. Risky action can be seen through the symbols of warning and risk within the monsters skin.

The monster is distressed and shows signs of exhaustion which accompanies gambling addiction. Compulsive Gambling is detrimental, affecting the persons interpersonal relationships, financial situation, physical and mental health. Gambling is easily accessible; online, through our phones and in person, making abstinence extremely difficult.

The word ‘Gambling’ across the mouth area represents speaking up about the illness while simultaneously symbolising how the illness keeps you silent.

The word 'monster' refers to the disorder, which can become monstrous without the right treatment or support, this does NOT refer to the people themselves. These illustrations are not designed to take away from the seriousness of these issues, instead they are created to encourage conversation and make these issues more approachable.

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