Mental Health Monsters
27.00 - 37.00

Framed Prints

These prints are a symbol of how far you have come, the struggles you have endured but remain resilient. They symbolise the monster battles you continuously fight each day, like a warrior.

These printed designs can be used as prompts, to bring awareness to our thoughts. The Body Dysmorphia Monster hanging near your mirror can be used as a gentle reminder that these fluffy creatures living within our minds can alter how we view ourselves, they are not to be trusted. Be creative with your monster print placement.

Hang your monsters with pride and know that there is a place for you within the Mental Health Monsters family. Each piece purchased donates to PIETA House, which raises awareness for suicide prevention.

Each print comes with a digital version of the reasoning behind the design.

Thank you for your support!

All my love,


Please Note
*Wooden framing is used as sample image only
**Frames require average screwdriver to hang