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Anxiety Monster

Anxiety is an emotion characterised by feelings of tension, worried thoughts and physical changes. Many people experience anxiety, as it is often a normal and healthy emotion- unless the duration or severity of an anxious feeling is out of proportion to the original trigger, or stressor.

The anxiety monster’s head has a blue-turquoise tint, which gradually fades out to white. Blue and turquoise are colours used to symbolise a state of calmness, therefore the anxiety monster shows these calm colours draining away.

The eyes are positioned on either side to symbolise distorted perception, where things may become misconstrued when anxiety is heightened. The eyes appear tired from the exhaustion that can accompany anxiety, generally due from overthinking. The small nose is a reflection of how breathing may become difficult, usually through the feeling of a tightened chest.

The question mark-shaped head has multiple meanings. It reflects how a person may not be sure why their anxiety is triggered; it reflects the constant questions of the unknown and irrational thoughts. The question mark, combined with the spinning stars was used with the intent to symbolise the worries, questions and unknown spinning endlessly around ones mind.

The word ‘anxiety’ across the mouth area represents speaking up about the illness while simultaneously symbolising how the illness keeps you silent.

The word 'monster' refers to the disorder, which can become monstrous without the right treatment or support, this does NOT refer to the people themselves. These illustrations are not designed to take away from the seriousness of these issues, instead they are created to encourage conversation and make these issues more approachable.

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