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Anorexia Nervosa

'Speak up, I am listening' or the MHM logo can be printed on the front of all pieces except the t-shirts. The logo is the default option unless otherwise specified in the notes section when purchasing.


This monster is purple to reflect a combination of red (representing a power colour, a colour that is associated with control) and blue (representing sadness and isolation)

Anorexia nervosa is a serious, life threatening mental illness. There are many reasons for anorexia to develop. However, this monster focuses on the aspect of control. Control of food may be the most obvious anorexic behaviour, but this can spread throughout other areas of the persons life. The monster is split into two, to highlight Anorexia's ability to control.

The measurement lines symbolise the control of numbers, whether it’s calorie intake or weigh-ins, that may hang over you.

The anorexia monster’s eyes appear tired as a result of the lack of energy, isolation and secretiveness that accompanies anorexia.

This monster is on the fluffier side to represent 'lanugo' - soft, downy hair, which grows to protect the body against heat loss associated with extreme thinness.

The word ‘Anorexia Nervosa’ across the mouth area represents speaking up about the illness while simultaneously symbolising how the illness keeps you silent.


The word 'monster' refers to the disorder, which can become monstrous without the right treatment or support, this does NOT refer to the people themselves. These illustrations are not designed to take away from the seriousness of these issues, instead they are created to encourage conversation and make these issues more approachable.

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